Gran Hotel

8.4 / 10
75 min
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Seizoen 1, Aflevering 6

The Missing Jewel

Julio will try to run away from Ayala, who is looking for him for being a murder suspect. After the discovery that Julio is being wanted for murder, Alicia warns him that Ayala will go after him ... Julio must prevent the police from stopping him while continuing to investigate the death of his sister. The appearance of one of the objects he saw among the girl's things in the Grand Hotel will revive the investigation. The General, after losing a daughter and having another seriously injured because of Javier, challenges him to a duel from which young Alarcón will try to escape by all means. Sofia, meanwhile, has discovered that the son who expects Bethlehem is possibly from Diego. Sofia must stop her husband's impulses to reveal this information to Teresa while she starts looking for ways to get another baby. Ángela takes advantage of the arrival of a new maid at the hotel to try to break the relationship between Belén and Andrés definitely.
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8 november 2011, 22:30
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