Gran Hotel

8.4 / 10
75 min
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Seizoen 1, Aflevering 5

Blood Moon

Detective Ayala has discovered Julio's true identity and appears at the hotel looking for the young man. Meanwhile, at the Gran Hotel, Alicia and Diego's relationship seems to begin to consolidate after Diego saved the young woman from dying at the hands of Pascual. But the arrival of an old family acquaintance will awaken Diego's insecurities that he is willing to fight for Alice until the end. It is not the only problem facing the hotel manager; Sofía and Alfredo gather the courage to start fighting Diego and make Alfredo take his rightful place inside the Gran Hotel. For his part Eugenia, Javier's fiancee, discovers young Alarcón in bed with another woman. Eugenia's anger is unleashed upon discovering that it is about Mercedes, her own sister.
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1 november 2011, 22:30
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