Gran Hotel

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75 min
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The Maiden in the Pond

Julio Olmedo, a young man of humble origin, travels to Cantaloa to visit his sister Cristina, one of the maids of the Gran Hotel. But when he arrived, Julio runs into an unpleasant surprise: it has been more than a month since anyone has known anything about his sister after he has been expelled from the hotel for an alleged robbery. Convinced that there is something dark about Cristina's disappearance, Julio decides to stay at the Gran Hotel. With the help of Andrés, one of the waiters, and hiding that he is Cristina's brother, Julio manages to work as a waiter at the Gran Hotel with the intention of investigating what happened with his sister. But in the course of his investigation, he will meet Alicia, an elegant and distinguished woman with whom Julio already crossed before taking the train to Cantaloa and who is neither more nor less than the daughter of Doña Teresa Alarcón, the owner of the Gran Hotel.
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