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Seizoen 7, Aflevering 15

A Love Remembered (2)

Suffering from Clay's suspicions that she tricked him into marrying her, Sammy Jo finds solace and a renewed friendship in Steven. Krystle and Dex begin their search for Blake and Alexis. Alexis' charade to take advantage of an amnesiac Blake fades into a sincere rekindling of their past marriage. Dominique is confronted by Gary Tilden. Despite her adamant rejection of his business proposition, Tilden vows she hasn't heard or seen the last of him. Claiming to have given their present situation much thought, Sammy Jo shocks Clay with a request for an annulment to their marriage. Alone in her studio, Dominique is roughed-up and threatened by two hoods, until Nick Kimball surprises the thugs and comes to her rescue. Reacting to a tip, Krystle finds Alexis and demands to see Blake, only to have him fail to recognize her. The incident proves painful for Blake and he pleads with Alexis to explain what is happening to him. A tearful Alexis confides in Blake her charade and her love for him. A
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Irving J. Moore
Uitgezonden op:
21 januari 1987, 00:00
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