Adım Farah

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Seizoen 1, Aflevering 14

Episode 14

Hearing the attack on the vehicle with Bade and Farah, Mehmet and Tahir immediately rush to the hospital where they were taken. Farah is in shock. Bade underwent serious surgery. It will again fall to Farah to calm Tahir, who is chasing who did the attack, and to include him in the big plan he is in with Bade and Mehmet. However, Tahir has another plan in his mind, in which Ali Galip imposes his own sentence. Orhan and Ali Galip, on the other hand, came very close to realizing the plan to settle the big shipment and go underground. What they don't know is that now they have a team that knows their plans. Although Farah fears Tahir's silence, it's not over yet; She dreams of the day she leaves with the man she loves and her son Kerimşah. Gönül and Kaan's wedding may be the last peaceful night. Everyone who is next to each other, watching the bride and groom dance at the wedding that night, will jump into action for the great war they will fight the next day.
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31 Mei 2023, 00:00
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Adım Farah